Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday the 4th November the Village Hall, Marnhull.

Present: Cllr Vaughan – Chairman, Cllr Cullender, Cllr Wiles, Cllr Holdship, Cllr Mrs Ruth, Cllr M Ruth, Cllr Looker, Cllr Mrs Hamer and Cllr Mrs Collis.

Attendance: Mrs Sally Upshall – Clerk,
Dorset County – Cllr G Carr-Jones.
14 members of the public.
The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming those present and announcing the Domestic Notice. The Chairman asked if anyone present wished to record the meeting, there was no requests. The Chairman reported that he will be recording the meeting only for clarification for the minutes, this recording will be deleted after the minutes have been produced.

Public Consultation
Mrs Nobel raised her concerns over the area of the recreation ground where a resident has erected a fence and a new gate to allow themselves access. She enquired regarding how this decision was made as she hadn’t seen it in any of the minutes. The Chairman explained that this would be discussed later on in the meeting so he would address her concerns at that point.
A resident of Sackmore Green addressed the meeting with concern over a branch of a tree that is obstructing the highway. After discussion it was decided that as the tree is on Mr Crocker’s land then a letter to him as the landowner would be the most appropriate course of action.
Mr Watson addressed the meeting to enquiry as to whether the Parish Council had received any further information regarding the planning applications. The Chairman confirmed that nothing further had been received at that time.
Mr Eveleigh spoke regarding the screening around the Sackmore Lane/Burton Street application. He explained that he had written to the Head of Planning regarding the lack of screening that was on the approved plans but has not received a response.
Apologies of absence.
Cllr Tacon.

Declaration of Interest and Dispensations
Cllr Looker for his expenses on the payment schedule.

Approval of the minutes – The minutes of the meeting that was held on the 7th October 2019 were agreed and signed.
Matters arising from the last meeting –
A Footpath 111- Mrs Blackford spoke regarding the emails she has sent to Dorset council. They have said that there is nothing that they can do regarding this footpath, Cllr Carr Jones asked for the emails to be forwarded to himself and he will follow it up on behalf of Mrs Blackford.
B. Moorside Lane/Haines Lane – The Chairman noted that he has been informed that Moorside Lane and Haines Lane will be resurfaced at some point next year. The Chairman also noted that the part past the Blackmore Vale Inn that has been patched will be redressed at some point.
C Recreation ground and play area electrical box update- Mr Cudlip has been looking into this for the council and will be preparing a plan and carrying this forward for the council.

Planning Meeting
2/2019/1291/OUT Develop the land by the erection of 1 No. dwelling, form 3 No. parking spaces and demolish existing garages (outline application to determine scale and access). Chippel Lodge Chippel Lane Marnhull DT10 1NN
Resolved: No Objections.
2/2019/1289/FUL Raise roof, add external staircase and rooflights to existing garage to form 1 No. dwelling. Increase size of ground floor window openings and add a pergola to existing dwelling. Bramble Ways Sackmore Lane Marnhull DT10 1PN. Cllr Looker declared an interest in this application as a neighbour and did not participate in the discussion or resolution.
Resolved: No Objection.

2/2019/1325/VARIA Convert former threshing barn to 1 No. dwelling, repair and convert barn to form garage/store, improve existing access, retain 4 No. parking spaces and carry out all internal/external alterations and associated works in connection to this. (Variation of Condition No. 2 of Planning Permission No. 2/2017/1927/LBC to substitute the approved plans with amended plans to install replacement oak truss as existing truss beyond repair). Chantry Farm Phillips Hill Marnhull Sturminster Newton Dorset DT10 1NU
Resolved: No Objection.
D. 2/2019/1327/HOUSE Erect timber post and rail stock fencing (plant replacement hedge, retrospective). Chantry Farm Phillips Hill Marnhull Sturminster Newton Dorset DT10 1NU
Resolved: No Objection.
2/2019/1391/HOUSE Erect 1 No. two storey extension and associated landscaping. Grange Cottage Burton Street Marnhull DT10 1PS
Resolved: No Objection.

Neighbourhood plan- Cllr Carr-Jones reported that until the new Dorset plan is adopted there is very little resources to assist any Parishes with their Neighbourhood Plans. Any plans would need to be in keeping with the Dorset wide plan. He also reported that he feels that Marnhull have already got four big applications in and so have already fulfilled more than their planning numbers.
Cllr Looker noted that the neighbourhood planning group had held back as they were waiting for a meeting with David Walsh. Cllr Looker will ask the Chairman of the Neighbourhood planning group to contact Cllr Carr-Jones to set up this meeting.
Cllr Carr-Jones – Dorset Councillor – Cllr Carr-Jones monthly report will come out after the cabinet meeting tomorrow. He reassured the Parish council that Dorset County and other agencies are involved, and they are supporting this young man.
He also noted that the policy for social housing is being reviewed and this is likely to come in some 12-16 months’ time.
Chairman’s urgent business-report
Access to the Recreation Ground from 17 Plowman Close – The chairman gave some background on the situation to date.
Discussion followed over the process of the decision and how things have progressed since the last meeting.
After the lengthy discussion it was proposed by Cllr Looker that a letter be written to Mr Marks to remove his gate at the end of the area of fencing, he has installed without permission, this was seconded by Cllr Mrs Ruth and carried on a majority vote with one abstention.

Accounts –
The Payment Schedule for November 2019 for the sum of £2334.30 had been circulated, this was agreed and signed by the Chairman.
Budget Meeting – Set for 25th of November 2019 in the Village Hall.
Wreath for the RBL – The clerk will order the wreath and send the cheque to the RBL. Cllr Holdship will lay the wreath.
Siam Letter – This will be deferred until the properties have been sold.

To receive Councillors reports:
Recreation Ground Maintenance – Mr Woods will continue until the end of February and Mr Butress will start on the 1st of March. The clerk will forward the contract to Cllr Hamer when prepared.
Mr Tewksbury’s information had already been circulated and this was found to be helpful and informative.
Defibrillator – Cllr Hamer reported that the information that has come back from Councillors was that we would stay with the company we are using now and for another four years.
Proposed by Cllr Mrs Ruth that we continue the original contract for another four years, this was seconded by Cllr Looker and all were in favour.
Proposed by Cllr Cullender that the second defibrillator would be positioned at the Crown this was seconded by Cllr Collis and all were in favour. Cllr Hamer will contact The Crown to ask for permission to install it outside the pub.
Ground behind the Tennis court – Mr Plowman from the Fest Committee agreed to take the clearing of the ground behind the tennis court to the rest of the committee and come back to the Parish council will an answer. It was proposed by Cllr Mr Ruth that we spend £100 to get the barbed wire removed, this was seconded by Cllr Hamer and Cllr Looker will action this.
Appointment of Health and Safety Officer and Flood Warden – Cllr Tacon has come forward to take on the role of Safety Officer. Cllr Mr Ruth and Cllr Looker will carry out this role until Cllr Tacon is back in circulation.
Flood Warden – This post is vacant.
Potential unauthorised adoption of Recreation Ground land by 16 Plowman Close – Deferred to the next meeting.

To consider any matters arising from recent correspondence-
Fireworks – This is taking place on Tuesday 5th November 2019, re a request to cut the hedge in the Recreation Ground to give a better view it was decided that it was not necessary.

Correspondence and items for the next meeting
Prodigy PC contract.
9, Flanders Close, planning application. The Parish council have not seen this application and so the clerk will ask for an extension on the application and this can be heard at the meeting in December.
Date / Times of next meeting
The next Parish Council meeting will be held on the Monday 2nd December 2019 at 7pm in the Village Hall

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.01pm