A warm welcome to the village and support to the community

Marnhull Village Care began in 1976 as an ecumenical group but since then a wider group of villagers have become involved in offering services to the village. The ‘warm welcome’ is an annual newcomers’ party (begun in 1979), held every autumn giving newcomers an opportunity to meet each other, at which we provide an information pack detailing village activities, clubs, societies and services.

‘Support for the community’ particularly provides a voluntary, door-to-door car service for those in the community without transport, to hospital, doctor, dental and other necessary appointments. A modest contribution is requested from clients to cover fuel expenses.

Helpers are also available to visit the aged, incapacitated or lonely, if asked by family, friends  or neighbours, or the individuals themselves.  We adhere to a strict code of non-interference in people’s privacy and confidentiality.

In almost all the roads in our village, there is a Road Contact, who makes contact with newcomers shortly after their arrival to offer information and to ensure that they are invited to the annual party.

New volunteers as drivers or road contacts are always needed and welcome.

If you need to use the voluntary car service, please call the dedicated line on 07777 559076.

If you would like more information about Marnhull Village Care, or to volunteer, please contact our Chairman, Trevor Vaughan on 01258 821636.