You can find the Marnhull Hub and Repair Café every Saturday from 10-12 at the Village Hall. The Hub provides a relaxed social space for anyone who wishes to come and meet friends old and new. 

There is the added benefit of a recycling bank for items not recycled in the green bins and a repair team which covers the repair of items such as clocks and watches, wooden and electrical items, knife and tool sharpening, doll and clothes mending, computer support, bike repairs etc. Just bring you item down and the team will decide who can fix it – it might be a combination of more than one member!

Do let us know if you would like to offer your help either in the kitchen and/or help to repair the items. 

We also have added events from time to time: Craft table for sharing unused items, book sharing, Community Police, Card sales for Help for Heroes, table top sales, plant sales for Cancer Research, Dog Show for a charity offering homes for dogs, electric car and bike mornings for people to experience this new technology etc. If you have any ideas for such additional events, please contact [email protected] 

More information on all these can be found at and also on the Marnhull FaceBook Page.

Marnhull Hub Committee

We are constituted as a not for profit unincorporated community association. All excess funds are distributed to people in the village. Our current target for funds are teenagers. To this end we have established a Travel Bursary so that 17-21 year olds living in the parish council area of Marnhull can apply for support. 

Chairman Sioban Boyce: [email protected] 

Treasurer Steve Winder: [email protected] 

Secretary  Bob Hurlow

Current Committee Members Sue Winder, Celia Jardine-Smith (Recycling), Laurie Shea, Simon Holt (Clocks), Steve Foot (Knife Sharpening), Bob Brittain (Computers), Brian Fields (Electrical Equipment)