I thought I would make contact to get some idea of availability under the present situation so that we can call you to action if required.

A good third of the village should be, and as the disease spreads really will be, self-isolating.
Each of these people will need help with shopping, getting medication, dog walking and loneliness.

Equally Marnhull is full of talent and people who are off work or school.

Marnhull Village Care is ideally placed to get these needs met as well as to sign post people with specific needs (my carer has not shown up, the district nurses are not here today etc).

You may or may not want to take this on but Marnhull Village Care most certainly would be wanting extra helpers.

If you would like to help I would be grateful if you would confirm your availability with me or our Secretary Hillary Parker on Tele: 01258-821667 or email: [email protected] by return of email or phone call.

Kind regards


T.B. Vaughan
Chairman Marnhull Village Care
Tele: 01258 821636
Email: [email protected]

20th March 2020