The earliest account we have of cricket being played in Marnhull dates to September 1833, when the Salisbury & Winchester Journal reported a match played between “eleven yeomen of Marnhull and eleven of Stalbridge”. No scores were published but the result was apparently in Marnhull’s favour, and the article went on to say that “the party then adjourned to the Crown Inn, Marnhull, where an excellent dinner was provided”. Some things have changed little in nearly two centuries, for the Crown Inn still features as a popular place of refreshment when stumps are drawn.

We understand that cricket has been played in four different fields in Marnhull over the course of the last 180 or so years. The present home of Marnhull Cricket Club is the recreation ground, where the club has been happily situated since the early 1930s. The 21st Century cricket club takes very seriously its youth work, investing time and resources in bringing young players from the surrounding areas through its approved coaching system. In doing so it is envisaged that we will enjoy a long, happy and successful future. Publication of a history of Marnhull Cricket Club is scheduled for later in 2014, and proceeds will be used to extend the club’s contribution to the game and to the local community.

Marnhull Cricket Club
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Treasurer: Mr Rob Norton 01258 821183
Secretary: Miss Jemma Sullivan and Mrs Jill Sullivan 01258 821069
Youth Coordinator: Mr Nick Chambers 01258 820281