Cafe Sci Marnhull

Marnhull Café Sci is affiliated with the nationwide organisation.  These groups provide an informal opportunity for people to present their latest work in a pub or café followed by a question and answer session when the visiting expert can provide more details on their work or experiences. Café Scientifique web site is and provides help ad guidance to people to set up and run a Café Sci in their area.

Marnhull’s Café Sci is held on the first Tuesday of the month starting at 20.00 at the Blackmore Vale, Burton Street DT10 1JJ.

The upcoming talks are:

No meeting in January

5th February: Fermented milk products: BV Diaries
5th March: Astronomy: Bob Mizon
2nd April: Mobile Phones: David Targett
7th May: Image processing: Malcolm Locke
4th June: Noise in vehicles: Nick Lalor

Future programme will include: Visit to Robot Wars arena in Sturminster, Advances in Dentistry, Remote medical diagnosis, Light (National Physical Laboratory) Technology of Recycling.

If you have thoughts on subjects that you would like to see covered, please get in contact with your proposals

For more information contact Ros Eveleigh on 01258 821049 or  Alternatively, just register for notifications of upcoming meetings using the post box below.


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If you are interested and would like to give your views, please complete this form and send it to or drop it by at Weaver’s House, Burton St, Marnhull.